About Sam O’Leary

Sam has served as Ward 2 Council since January, 2014, and is┬áproud to fight for Ward 2 residents and their concerns. Sam is focused on the quality of life issues that impact residents on a day-to-day basis, from addressing nuisance properties and aggressive code enforcement, to ensuring the timely delivery of high-quality city services. Sam grew up on Clarence Avenue, near Garfield School, and now lives on Clifton near Warren, close to the heart of Lakewood’s vibrant downtown.

Sam has been active and interested in service to Lakewood from a very young age. He has served on the Lakewood Board of Zoning Appeals, the Lakewood Tax Incentive Review Council, and currently serves on the boards of several local non-profits including the Ranger Education Foundation and the Lakewood Historical Society. Sam also supports and engages with the efforts of numerous non-profit and grassroots organizations active in Ward 2, including LakewoodAlive’s Downtown Lakewood Business Association, Kauffman Park Friends, and the Citizens’ Committee for the Lakewood Animal Shelter.

Sam is an attorney at the law firm of Matty, Henrikson & Greve, where he practices in the areas of municipal law and worker’s compensation defense.


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